Target Audience: Year 9 science students (male and female).

Syllabus objectives - Students will develop knowledge and understanding of:
  • applications and uses of science
  • current issues, research and development
  • implications of science for society and the environment

Syllabus outcomes - A student:
  • 4.4 identifies choices made by people with regard to
    scientific developments
  • 4.5 describes areas of current scientific research
  • 4.12 identifies, using examples, common simple
    devices and explains why they are used
  • 4.17 evaluates the relevance of data and information
  • 4.18 with guidance, presents information to an
    audience to achieve a particular purpose
  • 4.21 uses creativity and imagination to suggest
    plausible solutions to familiar problems
  • 4.22 undertakes a variety of individual and team tasks
    with guidance

Task 1: The summary and viewing of the article should go for approximately 20 minutes. The majority of the lesson time should be focused on creating the space expedition proposal, as it is the basis for the following lesson's work.

Task 2: Organisation into groups should take no more than 5 minutes. Following this, the research should take approximately 25 minutes with the final 10 minutes to be used for final adjustments and presentation of the work.

Task 3: Research, including the videos, should take approximately 25 minutes. The remaining 20 minutes should be used for team discussion and student contribution, collaboration and completion of the letter.