Task 1: Proposal Design

Step 1
Summarise article
did the student include:
  • what the article outlines?
  • why Australia started its own space program?
  • details/facts/figures?
Task 1
Designing a space program
Mission clearly outlined?
  • Mission purpose of mission clearly outlined?
  • presented program in front of class?

Task 2: Report

Step 1.
Student ability to work in a group learning environment
Craft researcher - did the student successfully research:
  • the standard vessels used in space travel?
  • speed of space travel for their vessel?
  • how the vessel works?

Destination researcher - did the student successfully research:
  • the destination area?
  • the size (if applicable)?
  • temperature range?
  • distance from Earth and surrounding planets?

Travel Researcher - did the student successfully research:
  • the length of time it will take to travel there and back?
  • destination's contact history?

Step 2.
Group Presentation
Group presentations:
  • did all students contribute in the presentation?
  • did they use their resources (posters/power point) effectively?

Task 3: Persuasive/Informative Letter

Task 3.
Informative/Persuasive letter
Did the students use adequate research? Did they use the attached resources in their letter?
Did they use any other sources?

Did the letter contain language that was:
  • Factual?
  • Emotive?
  • Informative?