The Government hesitates!

Due to a recent political re-structure, the Australian Government is considering closing the proposed sapce-project on the grounds that the mission is not of 'worthwhile significance'. It is now up to you and your team to convince the Government, on behalf of the ASSP, that your mission will be scientifically beneficial and therefore worthy of financial and political support. The ASSP has asked you to write a letter to John Holmes, the main oponent of the ASSP's proposed plans. They wish for it to be factual, informative and emotive. The aim of the letter is to highlight the contribution that a space program might make to Australia using previous space programs as examples.

Task 3: As a team you must prepare a 2-page letter to the John Holmes, a member of the Australian Labor party with significant political power, who seems opposed to the current ASSP proposal. The process is as follows:

Step 1) As a team, research previous space programs and how the country benifited from them. There is a list of such programs here and there are some interesting videos outlining the benifits of space exploration at the bottom of the page. Your team can undertake their own research into the areas presented by the videos if you wish to gain top marks.

Step 2) Using this information, highlight how failing to support the ASSP's propsed plan might be a mistake and why supporting it is the most sensible decision to make. The letter should be concise, factual and emotive. Remeber, this is a scientific issue but it's also an emotive issue. If you can impart the importance that you feel for the subject then you're half way there.