The Australian Government has approved your designed space program and have decided to fully fund it. Now before the program is launched, your team must a design a detailed report highlighting the data needed to support the launch of the mission.
Your team is to prepare a report for the ASSP. In the report, the ASSP has asked that you prepare a detailed outline of the space travel to your destinations within our solar system. They expect a detailed explanation of each prospective destination's
pro's and con's and expect your team to outline the factors that would determine these.


Task 2:

Step 1. Your group should decide which members of the group will take on the following roles with the whole group taking on the role of travel research.

Craft research - Using the information provided here answer the following questions.

  • What is the standard vehicle used for a space mission?
  • At what speed does the average spaceship travel?
  • Describe how a spaceship works.

Destination research - Using information found here and your own describe your destination's:
  • size
  • temperature range
  • distance from earth and any surrounding planets in the solar system.

Travel research - Using the information gathered by your Craft and Destination researcher, create a 5 minute presentation that outlines the following:

  • the reason why you've chosen the destination
  • the length of time it will take to travel there and back
  • the destination's contact history (has it been visited before by man or probe?)

With this you should also include a summary of all information gathered by your craft and destination research.

Step 2. Once this is complete you will be expected to present your findings together as a group to the class (everyone explains something, not just one person!) - this can be done through a poster or a power point.