Australia has finally entered the Space Race!

Step 1: Summarise this article with your team. By doing so, you should outline the major points that the article highlights. Make sure you include:
  • what the article is about
  • why is Australia starting its own Space Program?
  • details - names of institutions? names of programs? costs of the programs?


Step 2: Now watch the YouTube video

Task 1!

The Australian Federal Government, along with the Australian Space & Science Program (ASSP) and other Academies are in the process of devising space programs for our nation's new commitment to the Space Race.
You and your team have been asked to design a proposed space expedition on behalf of the ASSP that is to be sent to the Australian Government for review and possible selection.


  1. Using the article and the YouTube video as inspiration, design a program with your team (the program can be on any particular aspect of our solar system: a mission to land on Mars? A mission to explore the volatile atmosphere of Jupiter? Create a space Colony on the moon?).
  2. As a team, outline the objectives of your mission. Then state what the purpose of it is (what will be gained from it?).
  3. In your teams, present your proposed mission to the class on your piece of butcher's paper (be sure to include a heading and make it good to look at!).